Why? Why? Why?

Because people OBVIOUSLY have questions about Mormons, that’s why. And most don’t know where or how to get them answered.

That’s the entire point of this blog.

I was TOTALLY surprised when one of my first posts, 5 Things This Mormon Wish You Knew, went viral, and was uh-mazed that of the 600 or so odd comments posted, a large majority of them were questions about the faith, or statements about the faith that were largely incorrect.

A good number were hate-filled drivel, but that’s neither here nor there.

So the point of Ask Wordy Gertie is this:

To discuss Mormon doctrine. examine culture. dispel myth. make sense of the obscure. acknowledge the hush-hush. find common ground. inquire. understand. educate.

As a former non-Mormon (I converted in college), I’m fully aware of the general lack of awareness about the Mormon faith–what it is (and isn’t…), how it started, what we believe, how we worship.

In my mind, I “knew” three things about Mormons:

  1. They were somehow related to the Amish
  2. They all lived in Utah
  3. They had a crap ton of wives

If you’re in that boat, no offense, but you could use this blog 🙂

I also just finished a two year stint in Utah, and I can now say I understand what “Mormon Culture” is–for better and/or worse…

And while I know the Mormon faith will never be everyone’s cup of tea, I at least hope that as the Church continues to grow, we can replace some of the mystery, stigma, and misinformation surrounding it with greater knowledge and understanding, and maybe even some day regard it as a legitimate international religion (come on, why not?!).

No question is off-limits and public discussion/insight is encouraged.

I’m not a theologian or scriptorian (I guess that’s not a real word, but it sounds cool so just go with it), and this blog in no way represents the thoughts or official positions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; long story short, if you think any of the information I present is inaccurate or incomplete, let’s talk about 😉

So if you have a question, go on and ask…